Thursday, 18 September 2014


Picture a media consultancy firm in Shoreditich or Camden.  They are asked to come up with ideas for the "Stoptober" campaign.

Consultant 1: We need to get people to stop smoking for 28 days. So, who smokes?
Consultant 2: Um, poor people. The working class. I have seen them on TV and outside pubs.
Consultant 1: Yes. So, what do working class people like?

After a quick web search.

Consultant 2: How about Al Murray?
Consultant 1: Yes, go on.
Consultant 2: Um, this Lee Nelson fellow seems popular. Apparently his show is “well good”.
Consultant 1: Yes, anyone else.
Consultant 2: How about that guy from Max and Paddy?
Consultant 1: You mean Peter Kay? He will be way too expensive.
Consultant 2: Paddy then?
Consultant 1: Yes. So our campaign will be Al Murray, Lee Nelson and Paddy from Max and Paddy telling people to quit smoking for 28 days.
Consultant 2: I'll contact their agents
Consultant 1: I'll draw up the invoice.
The end.

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